How to build a good career after engineering

How to Build a Good Career after Engineering

According to 11 Inches Engineering Blog, in 2022, blog reports claim a diploma engineering student has minimum expenses per month 5000BDT (including mess rent, meal bill, the electric bill, maid bill, etc.) There can be other bills too, including vehicles and daily expenses. In this regard, 11 Inches Engineering Blog also claims that most students […]

Reverse Engineering Software & Secretes

Reverse Engineering Software Machines As computer-aided design (CAD) has become more famous, reverse engineering become a reasonable strategy to make a 3D virtual model of an existing part for use in 3D CAD, (CAM)Computer-aided manufacturing, (CAE)Computer-aided engineering, or other software systems. The reverse-engineering cycle includes estimating an item and afterward reproducing it as a 3D […]

Reverse Engineering Definition and Its Uses

What is reverse engineering? In one sentence: A backward approach is Reverse engineering.   Definition of Reverse Engineering: Reverse engineering is the cycle by which an artificial object is deconstructed to uncover its plans, engineering, code or to extract information from the item. It is like logical exploration or scientific research, the main contrast being […]

Mechanical Project – 11 Inches Engineering Blog

Mechanical Project There are so many mechanical project topics and ideas for study and research. Here provided the widest list of mechanical engineering project topics to help students, researchers and engineers in their research and development. We constantly research on new topics and ideas to help students in their research on mechanical system designs. Read […]

Common building stones and their uses | Granite | Trap & Basalt | Laterite | Sand stone | Lime stone

The stone is used as the head of the construction equipment. Stones is very hard, sustainable and long lasting material.  This common stone can be used for the construction of Roads, Bridges, Tower & Building etc. Considering all of direction the stone as the construction material is more economical, resistable to weather & other surrounding […]