How to get a job in engineering with no experience?

After completing an engineering degree/ graduate many students wondered how to get a job in engineering with no experience.

Getting an Engineering job with no experience is not easy but it can be done if know the hacks!

Here are 08 hacks to get a job in engineering with no experience:

1. Make a strong CV

For applicants at first should have a strong CV. CV is a document that has strong power to get you a High-Quality job.

So I recommend that, combine all of your strategies & put them on the CV wisely.

Remember, Do not contain words that look messy and can go against you instead leverage logically.

Don’t know how to make a good cv for engineers? Just follow.

2. Strong Network with Friends / Co-Worker

Make a strong network with Friends, co-workers, and colleagues related to your field with love & joy.

You can call them, or message them to ask for suggestions on how to be prepared to get a job so that they will encourage you from their experience.

Like “Avoid it, come with these types of things” they can say.

3. Improve your soft skills

Make sure you have essential skills related to your field of Department a Civil engineer should have expertise in Auto cad, Etabs, Theodolite, etc.

A Mechanical engineer should have expertise in Auto cad, Mathcad, FTE, and so on.

Ms office Word, excel, and Powerpoint presentations must be.

If you are more advanced with your soft skills then you are ahead to getting an engineering job with no experience.

Remember, your work can love you more than you love so keep it up as much as you want.

4. Work for free/cheap

When you involve with work in your field you can understand soon the cultural activity, environment, needs, gaps & improvement so that you can get a higher job as fast as you grow.

Remember, sometimes the experience can be more than money so grab it in any way.

5. Read daily job description

When you read them regularly you can update them as required.

Please don’t be discouraged. Be patient and put extra energy in you day by day.

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6. Learn Formal / Dining etiquette

Make sure you learned them carefully. If you forgot when to handshake, how distance needs to keep, where to start & finish the lunch at the dining table then please improve it soon.

If you don’t know ok no problem. No one is a jack of all trades in this world. Keep eye on this site.

Every engineer should have a wide knowledge of etiquette.

7. Make an online/offline portfolio

This is the alternative of your CV / you’re attending. You can show your previous work/ project at any time to your Client / Boss Internationally.

This is the modern age. If you haven’t any portfolio profile then you are in the first step of the job stairs.

Carry on, Man. Don’t be a backbencher here. This is not a school instead competition more & more.

Comment below who needs my cheat sheet offline portfolio. And leave an email. I will send it for free.

8. Make typing speed 40+ on Both English & Local Language

These are the most important hacks!

Please keep exercise on.

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Hope you will get a good job soon in engineering with no experience but a strong profile.