How to make more money being an Engineer?

10 Things You Should Know Then You Can Make More Money Being An Engineer.

Every engineer wants to make more money in their own field.

The local job market is very poor making opportunities for Engineers except for some popular companies.

And these companies sometimes get failed to get an expert Engineer who can handle any situation related to the company as an Engineer so they want a person having experience of 2 to 10 years, and that time is so long.

How can a fresher get an opportunity to be an experienced Engineer when no company there to hire?

How to get a job in engineering with no experience?

So if you are an Engineer and want to make more money make sure you are following these 10 things below.

10 tips getting job with no experience after diploma
Improve yourself to follow these 10 hacks!

1. Communication skills

First, you have to be skilled in the English language.

If are fluent in English like English listening, writing, and speaking you are 80% ahead to make more money even when you sleep.

Don’t know how to improve these English skills follow us we will provide you with useful resources that help you to get there soon.

2. Be Active on Social media smartly.

If you have a good profile on major social media like (Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) you can reach out to more business people & money easily.

3. Follow Media

Some useful engineering groups, Engineering govt job website, youtube channels to get recent updates about engineering in your field.

4. Communication Greets.

Make sure you keep in communication with your relatives, friends, co-workers, and colleagues in your field. 

So that you will get more opportunities & more money but do not give up.

Sometimes things are working behind you in your favor instead of showing.

You give them poke, greetings, mail, phone, or a massage even once in a week/ month/ year with love.

You can wish or gift them on their birthday, anniversary, regional occasion, etc.

5. Invest in Yourself

This is the most important one that can make one another step ahead.

Nobody cares about it except some who are called great.

So if you are investing in yourself regularly you can be listed on this list named great. And actually, they get the opportunity first among many of us.

What do you need to invest in yourself?

Get skilled on more and more skills, as much as you can like you are a Civil engineer, you are not in a limited boundary. You involving day by day in many training, courses like auto cad, 3d modeling, graphics design, structure design, interior design, steel structure, volunteering, surveying, presentation, data analysis, and so on.

6. Read Articles, Books, and International Journals Related to Your Field.

There are so many ways like ebooks, podcasts, a blog sites to get these resources for free. 11 Inches Engineering blog gives these resources for free. Visit regularly or subscribe to our email section down below at the footer side left corner to get these special resources regularly.

7. Get Involved in a Small Project for Free.

You need experience to get a high-salaried job so you have to involve in a job, or a project even without getting a salary for the first time.

I am not telling you to work for them for free but for small money.

8. Freelance

You can make extra money doing freelancing.
Internet, there are many platforms if you have skills, internet connection & computer.
Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

9. Make company

Hey! I am not telling you to get registered for Pvt. The company but a group or team in your field.
Where you can share your project to get help when you have a bunch of projects & work sharing some percentage.

Don’t know how to choose and involve them in your team? Follow me. next.

10. Be scheduled

I am not telling you to do that on exact time on time without caring where is going the earth on.

But one thing great is following these technic to be there.

Preplanning is the key to getting incredible results.

Every idea & task should be written off on time and executed when its need.

Remember, a good thing comes once so put them in your pocket.

So what things are spinning around your head? Comment below, ask questions, give advice, and follow.

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