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Mechanical Engineering Jobs Sector and Salaries

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In many sectors, mechanical engineers play a key role in the manufacturing process. Mechanical engineers have a wide range of employment opportunities, so their salaries might vary greatly. In this post, we discussed ways to boost your salary as a mechanical engineer, as well as the six top-paying positions you may obtain as one. We also discuss the states with the highest-paying salaries for this profession.

Highest-paying States for Mechanical Engineers

There are numerous reasons why some states’ salaries may be higher than those of other states. The higher standard of living in some states than in others raises wages across a wide range of businesses. Industries that pay mechanical engineers more competitively are concentrated in some states. You can decide whether you wish to move by learning which states offer the best salary. The following states have the highest average salaries for mechanical engineers:

Increasing your salary as a mechanical engineer

Here are a few strategies for increasing your earning potential as a mechanical engineer:

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Find high-paying industries: Pharmaceuticals, aeronautics and nanotechnology are among the highest-paying industries for mechanical engineers. These industries are typically competitive, so having a compelling resume to impress hiring managers is essential.

Earn a higher degree: A master’s or doctoral degree can boost your salary potential. A graduate degree allows you to qualify for management or leadership positions in mechanical engineering more quickly.

Obtain licenses and certifications: Consider getting your Professional Engineer license because many employers look for them. There are also many engineering certifications you can obtain to demonstrate your expertise in the field and commitment to your role.

Highest-paying mechanical engineer jobs

Here are the six highest-paying jobs in mechanical engineering:

Automation engineer National average salary: $90,024 per year

Automation engineers’ major responsibilities are to design, create, and maintain autonomous systems. To fully comprehend the procedure or task being automated, they collaborate closely with clients. The machine or system is then designed, tested, programmed, and maintained by an automation engineer.

The sanitary standards and the proximity of the automated devices to people are two areas where automation experts need to stay current. These tasks frequently call for exact movements and meticulous timing. Automation experts frequently operate in the industrial and food processing sectors, where specific duties are carried out by robots on the assembly line.

Education requirements: These engineers typically hold a master’s or bachelor’s degree in addition to having several years of experience.

Research and development engineer National average salary: $92,781 per year

Engineers working on research and development create innovative manufacturing processes and goods. Additionally, they enhance current systems to boost efficiency, production, and safety. They create concept designs, evaluate prototypes, and aid in the commercialization of novel processes and goods. Engineers working in research and development must be creative and analytical in order to identify issues and resolve them. They must be able to collaborate with others and operate independently in a deadline-driven atmosphere.

Education requirements: A bachelor’s or master’s degree may be required for an R&D engineer, depending on the field in which they work. Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in order to compete in competitive fields such as engineering research and development and aerospace.

Senior mechanical engineer National average salary: $99,376 per year

Principal responsibilities: Senior mechanical engineers plan, design, and create products in collaboration with a team. Depending on the design team, they might work on electrical systems, circuit boards, sensors, or mechanical components. Senior mechanical engineers can assist with the planning and execution of the product’s production process and packaging. They must be able to envision ideas and solutions, build those products, and test them to make sure they are reliable and safe.

Writing technical reviews and enhancing items once they are put on the market are additional responsibilities. In addition to leading a team, they could also possess deep knowledge of the industrial process.

Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience are requirements for senior mechanical engineers. Additionally, a PE (Principles and Practice of Engineering) certification is typically required.

Senior design engineer National average salary: $100,882 per year

Principal responsibilities: Senior design engineers are experts at developing new products. They often supervise a group of workers from the start of a project until it is finished. Senior design engineers frequently take on the role of project managers by communicating with clients to learn about their objectives and needs, creating a timeline and budget, managing the team through the design process, and striving to streamline procedures for the next projects. They must be able to evaluate risk, convey it, comprehend high-level design procedures, and direct product testing.

Senior design engineers frequently serve as a point of contact for the engineering team, the client, and other project stakeholders. They must be organized, creative, and capable of explaining complex concepts and processes to various audiences.

Senior design engineers could collaborate extensively with suppliers and producers to agree on prices and delivery dates, enhance delivery procedures, or plan orders.

Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement for senior design engineers, along with several years of expertise in the field. Most candidates also have a PE.

Powertrain engineer National average salary: $102,363 per year

Primary responsibilities: Mechanical engineers that work in the automotive business are powertrain engineers. They enhance the look and functionality of modern automobiles’ engines, powertrains, electrical parts, and software. Engineers that specialize in powertrains may work on motorcycles, automobiles, and commercial vehicles including semi-trucks and box trucks. They collaborate closely with clients to accomplish their objectives and respond to their inquiries.

The planning, creation, and testing of prototypes, data analysis, and literature research are all tasks carried out by powertrain engineers. They are also in charge of ensuring that automobiles adhere to safety and pollution regulations.

Education requirements: Typically, powertrain engineers hold a bachelor’s degree, although a master’s degree could boost salaries.

Instrumentation engineer National average salary: $107,881 per year

Primary responsibilities: Instrumentation engineers are experts in machinery that regulates and monitors engineering systems. They create, create, test, install, manage, and maintain the machinery that guarantees the proper operation of other technical systems. They must comprehend how various systems interact, know-how and where to take measurements within allowed bounds, and keep up with evolving health and safety laws.

Instrumental engineers frequently serve as consultants and provide guidance on various systems, procedures, and pieces of machinery. Instrumentation engineers frequently develop business plans, software applications, and research reports. They may be involved in operations, purchasing, and process modification. Instrumentation engineers are employed across a wide range of sectors, including environmental organizations, nuclear and renewable energy, and independent quality control commissions.

Education requirements: A bachelor’s or master’s degree may be required for an instrumentation engineer to be a competitive candidate, depending on the industry.

Skills for Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Here are some skills you will need as a mechanical engineer:

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